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Week 6

I have not been too well this week, I have had a sinus infection. Usually this wouldn’t bother me as I would take some Sinutab and get on with it but as I am not able due to pregnancy I have found it difficult. I rang NHS direct as the pain was getting unbearable who advised stiffing Olbas Oil from a tissue and putting a couple of drops in boiling water and steaming my face. After a couple of days the pain did subside and I managed to get some sleep!


Fortunately this  didn’t affect my glucose levels and I have continued with my normal insulin regime.


We have been working really hard to finish the diary and reports section of the site, this should be finished next week, so I will let you know as soon as this is ready.  There will be a free trial for all users, so please take a look and see if it’s something you would find useful.


I would also like to say hello to anyone logging on from the Ukraine, it’s amazing how the site has become global in such a short space of time.


Until next week x