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Week 8 – All up and running

The food diary and reports pages are now live. Please register or upgrade for a free 14 day trial. This will help you keep track of your glucose levels, medication and the foods you eat. Feel free to have a play and email me if you have any queries.


I had my diabetic check up this week and my HbA1c has slightly come down to 7.1. I was expecting them to be less but this week my carb to insulin ratio seems to have changed. This change is due to the pregnancy, so I have increased my night time insulin to 20 instead of 18 and have been taking extra for meals. I am still working on what the ratio should be, but I am sure this will be the start of needing to increase my dose on a regular basis until the pregnancy is over.


I have been reading about islet cell transplant and a friend passed on this link which I found very useful. I think its worth a reading.


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