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Week 9 – Birthday Girl!

It was my birthday this week, so it’s been that little harder staying good. I must admit I have had a little bit of birthday cake which was very nice, and as I don’t do it all the time it’s not so bad for me. The main problem has been keeping track of my insulin intake. It is still on the increase so it wasn’t the best time to be naughty! Over the last couple of days they have levelled out and my carb to insulin ratio is now at  8 before the pregnancy they were 10. I have been logging them on my online diary which had been really useful especially helping me decide how much insulin to take.


I have been interviewed by the Manchester Evening News today so will let you know when the story will run. I am also attending the Altrincham Diabetic Support group on Tuesday which I am really looking forward to.


The first diabeticfriend newsletter went out this week. If you missed it then please register your email address on the home page and you will be included in the next edition.


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