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"Timesulin" Offers Major Advance in Diabetes Compliance

Press Release

Smart Cap ‘Timesulin’ Offers Major Advance in Diabetes Compliance
Innovative solution shows insulin-dependent patients how long it’s been since their last injection to help improve quality of life with diabetes

London, February 2013: Timesulin, an innovative replacement cap for insulin pens from Patients Pending Ltd., seamlessly transforms all major insulin pens into a smart pen to show how long it’s been since the last insulin injection, helping use


World Diabetes Day 2013: How You Can Get Involved

World Diabetes Day 2013: How You Can Get Involved – JDRF

With over 350 million people worldwide affected by diabetes, there is more need than ever to raise awareness of the condition and educate people about the condition. Further to this aim, every year on November 14th the International Diabetes Federation (an umbrella organisation encompassing over 200 smaller diabetes associations) in conjunction with the World Health Organisation sets up a day for people in 160 countries to engage and ed


Fear of Hypoglycemia and its effect on Psychological Well-Being and Medication Adherence

As a Diabetic myself, I chose to research into Diabetic health beliefs and how this effects a Diabetic’s well-being and medication adherence for my undergraduate research. I believe it touches upon an extremely important aspect of Diabetes control, fear of hypoglycemia, which is often neglected to be taken into consideration by doctors. While investigating this, health psychologists I had been in touch with expressed their interest and stated their wish to know the final results. My hope is that