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You have all read my blog, but read our guest blog from other people who are living with diabetes. Email me if you would like to appear on our guest blog...

Fear of Hypoglycemia and its effect on Psychological Well-Being and Medication Adherence

As a Diabetic myself, I chose to research into Diabetic health beliefs and how this effects a Diabetic’s well-being and medication adherence for my undergraduate research. I believe it touches upon an extremely important aspect of Diabetes control, fear of hypoglycemia, which is often neglected to be taken into consideration by doctors. While investigating this, health psychologists I had been in touch with expressed their interest and stated their wish to know the final results. My hope is that this study will go on help the future development of Diabetic care.

To do this, I have produced a survey which has received full ethical approval based on the BPS guidelines. I would be extremely grateful for anyone to take some time out of their day to complete this. It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Please follow this url for more information and to take part:…tion-Adherence