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My Story: Ian Salvin,Diabetic

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 32 years ago, when I was eleven. I was put immediately onto insulin injections, as my Pancreas had stopped producing insulin altogether. I had been a slightly overweight 11-year-old, but over the course of ten days when I was first diagnosed, and the doctors were trying to get my diabetes under control, I lost 1½ stones in weight. Although this extreme weight loss was only temporary, my weight only increased slightly, so that I stayed in the ‘healthy’ range for my age.

Fortunately, I managed to control my diabetes very well, and went through puberty, adolescence, and university, with no problems. I also managed to keep my weight under control.

However, during my late twenties and early thirties, I gradually started to put on weight, despite playing a variety of sports and generally being very active. By the time I was 35, some nine years ago, I was 3½ stones overweight, coming home from work feeling exhausted, and suffering from whatever bug, or virus was going round at the time.
At around the same time, my blood sugar levels became a lot more unstable, and I had four really bad hypo’s (blood sugar levels going dangerously low), which required my wife to call the paramedics!
During the course of my diabetes, I have been on several types of insulin, but when I was changed to Novorapid and Lanthus, following a visit to the Diabetic Centre to discuss my hypo’s, I regained reasonable control of my blood glucose levels. Unfortunately, despite what I thought to be a very healthy diet (lots of fish, white meat, and fruit and vegetables) I didn’t lose any of the excess weight I was carrying, and I was found to have high cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Then, 7 years ago, my wife, Bernie, came across a company called Herbalife, and got involved as she was looking for a work opportunity that would allow her to be based at home with our young son.
Herbalife manufacture a range of products targeting weight management and nutrition, and my wife started taking the products. The results were amazing. She lost 2 stones in weight, dropped three dress sizes, and had so much more energy.
Obviously, having seen the change in Bernie, I tried the products. This involved taking a protein ‘smoothie’ for breakfast and another for lunch, and three different supplement tablets (a multivitamin complex, a cell activator, and an Omega 3 fish oil complex) along with swapping tea and coffee for Herbalife Thermojetics Beverage, a calorie free ‘tea’, which boosts your metabolism to burn fat.

It was important to monitor my blood glucose carefully, as the shakes are high in protein and low in carbohydrate. I found I needed to take 25% less insulin than before (for the last two years I have been using an insulin pump, that has enabled me to further improve control of my diabetes, while using 40% less insulin than I was using originally).

When I started to use the Herbalife products, I couldn’t believe the change in how I felt – I have lost 50 lbs, 7½ inches off my waist, reduced my body fat by 10%, and I now weigh less than when I arrived at university as an 18-year old! Also, my energy levels have gone through the roof; I have resisted the usual bouts of cold and flu, and have felt so much healthier generally, since I started taking the products. Most importantly for a diabetic, my blood sugar levels are much more stable, and do not go up and down as much as they used to. This is due to the release of sugar from the smoothie being slower than with other foods.
Also, my cholesterol level and blood pressure have reduced, so that they now sit in the ‘normal’ range.

Herbalife make no medical claims, but I firmly believe that if we give our bodies optimal nutrition, enabling them to function as they should, the body can do a great deal to heal itself.

It is important to know that the Herbalife products are scientifically formulated, and are the only weight-loss products backed by clinical studies. Herbalife have a Nutrition Advisory Board, which includes a winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, and one of the World’s leading experts on nutrition and weight management.

I don’t think that these products are a miracle cure by any means, but the improvement in my health, and in the health of other diabetics I have met, and spoken to, who are taking these Herbalife products, makes me feel obliged to tell other diabetics about them. The programme is also fantastic for people showing the symptoms of insulin resistance, or who are already Type II diabetics (controlled by tablets and/or diet, or insulin).

After all, anything that can help keep diabetics such as me in good health and enable us to enjoy life to the full, until science comes up with a cure for our condition, has got to be worth it.

If you have any questions about the products I have used with my diabetes, or, if you want more information about the products generally, visit

Best Regards
Ian Salvin