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Symptoms and Signs of Diabetes you shouldn’t ignore

Diabetes mellitus is a dangerous chronic disease which has become very common worldwide these days. There are two types of diabetes – Type I and Type II diabetes. The symptoms of both the types are similar. In both the cases the amount of glucose is too high in the blood but the causes vary in both the types. In Type I, insulin secretion is less because the cells which do this job have been destroyed or pancreas malfunctions and does not produce insulin at all resulting in high blood glucose level. In Type II, the cells become resistance to insulin and are not able to use it properly. As a result, the body does not get adequate insulin resulting in excess glucose level.
The body lets you know about the problem with the following signs and symptoms:
1. Excessive trips to the bathroom.
Have you off late urinating and feel like doing so whole day long? This is also known as polyuria where in excessive urination production is because of high glucose levels in the body. When body wants to excrete the sugar, it does so with the help of urination which also results in dehydration as with sugar lot of water from the body is drained out.
2. Polydipsia.
It’s a condition when you feel your thirst is unquenchable. This results from frequent urination because of which body becomes dehydrated and sends signals to the brain. The body then replaces the water it is loosing by taking more water.
3. Fatigue.
The glucose is meant to be reached to the cell where in it will get converted to the energy we need to do our work. But, cells become resistant and are not able to utilize the glucose and the cells does not get their source of energy resulting in weakness and fatigue.
4. Excessive Hunger or Polyphegia.
The body starts producing insulin to deal with the high levels of sugar levels in the body which results in unwarranted hunger or polyphegia.
5. Weight fluctuation.
The patient experiences weight fluctuation without even doing anything. Sometimes weight loss is experienced due to loss of water, high metabolism of body fat as cells utilize the available body fat for energy. In some cases weight gain in experienced due to increased appetite.
6. Poor wound healing and frequent infections.
People suffering from diabetes are very much prone to infections like bacterial, fungal or urinary tract infections. In fact it takes much time to heal even a small wound because of the presence of high levels of sugar in the body which stops the growth of white blood cells meant for healing.
7. Blurry vision.
Patients tend to develop eye problems like blurred vision and pain and sensation in eyes and find it difficult to focus.
8. Numbness in feet, hands and legs.
Also referred as neuropathy, this is a condition wherein prolonged diabetes start affecting the nervous system of the brain as a result people experience tingling sensation in hands, legs and feet.
It is possible for people with pre-diabetes to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The factors which can lead to pre-diabetes are:
• Overweight
• Pre-diabetes family history
• FAT tire or waist hip ratio
• Stress and Depression
• Sedentary life-style
When you find any of the above symptoms get your blood glucose level checked and fix an appointment with the doctor at the earliest.


About the author: Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. Beside this she is very particular about her health. These days she is busy in writing an article on breast cancer.