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Sarah's Story

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5 years too late…

I had probably been over weight for over 10 years and didn’t particularly eat healthily. Looking back I was a prime candidate to get Type 2 diabetes. I was only diagnosed last year, however if I had a check up with my GP a few years before he would have told me I was pre-diabetic and got me to change my lifestyle.

I didn’t know much about diabetes, if I had I may have gone for a check-up to stop this from happening. The GP says that even if I would have gone to him before I may still have the condition, however there is a chance that it may never have happened.

It’s that that I think of when I am injecting, at first they put me on Metformin however my levels were still very high and I never had any energy. It took 6 months before I was put on insulin and I do feel better – even though I feel disappointed in myself.

I wanted to really let people know that my diabetes could have been prevented or atleast postponed, if you think you may have a high chance of becoming type 2 then please keep regular check ups with your GP.

Gillian – Essex