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Sarah's Story

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Being A Teenager…

Being a Teenager and having Diabetes …

I was diagnosed when I was 11, I can’t really remember much about it apart from spending lots of time in hospital. My Mum however tells me it was a really worrying time, my sugars were sky high and they couldn’t get them stable I also had ketones, Mum says it’s a wonder I wasn’t in a diabetic coma!

When I finally got home I do remember getting loads of presents and I thought this isn’t too bad – I think Mum was taking it worse. But then reality set in and it soon became apparent these injections I was taking weren’t going to end. At first I was taking two injections and my Mum would do these for me but when I went into High School I started on 4 injections so injecting everytime I had a meal. This meant injecting at lunch time. My friends were really good but other children used to look at me and call me weird. Sometimes I would go home in tears.

Eventually I let those other children get the better of me and stopped taking my injection when I was in school….. this led to another long stay in hospital. I hated being diabetic I hated myself! I thought why me no one else in the family has to deal with this.

Now at 20 I can look back at those school days and think I was so wrong. Even though it was me who was diagnosed my parents were going through it as well I never thought about how this affected their lives. And the children calling me names not sure it was their fault, I think we need to educate children about conditions like diabetes.

I am now on the whole well controlled, I still go out with my friends for a night out and that late night curry. I think I have now come to terms with it I now don’t let it control my life.