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Sarah's Story

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Exciting Holidays

I was a teenager when I was diagnosed with diabetes but 18 months ago my daughter who was only 2 was diagnosed. It was really hard to deal with, injecting yourself is one thing put injecting your daughter is horrible.

This summer, after 18 months of hard week, it all seemed to fall into place. My daughters levels are getting better, I think me and my husband are able to read her signs better. As her levels were now under control i thought I would treat us all to a well deserved holiday. I am always up for a challenge so took us all skiing. We have been before and my daughter has seen photos and really wanted to go – so I thought well why not.

We had such a fantastic week, I turned testing our levels on the mountain a bit of a game so she didn’t mind stopping for me to test or for us to eat. I found the night time the worse ensuring that I wasn’t hypo I ensured I was a little higher than normal so I could be on the ball for her.

I am so glad we did it, it also gives her the understanding that even though she does have diabetes she can do anything she wants.