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Sarah's Story

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I loved my job!

I loved my job as a taxi driver, the freedom of driving and not knowing who you will talk to or where you would be going. It suited my lifestyle as I worked most evenings but spent time with my son in the day.

I was diagnosed with diabetes (type 1) when I was 32. This turned my life upside down. I ended up losing my job and was not well controlled so found it hard to keep a job. This put huge strain on my relationship and after only 12 months of living with diabetes I separated from my partner. There was then another 20 months of me feeing very sorry for myself. It wasn’t until I was rushed into hospital with DKA that I realised what I had done to myself. For the last 3 years I had blamed diabetes for where I was and what I had lost but it wasn’t diabetes fault it was mine.

After my stay in hospital I joined the local diabetes group and saw my consultant every month. This really helped me understand my condition. I accepted that I was unable to do the job I wanted with the control that I had. It’s not that a type 1 isn’t allowed to be a taxi driver but we have to have a doctors certificate to say we are well controlled. This I was not, this meant though there was light at the end of the tunnel – i could get my job back.

I got a job in the local supermarket which meant i could pay the bills and tried to prove to my ex partner I could be a good father again. She let me see our son on a weekly basis, it makes me cry now thinking about what I could have lost.

What a difference another two years bring, I now still have the full time job and will hopefully get my licence back to taxi this year. I see my son a few times a week and have even been on a few dates. After accepting my condition I can finally live my life again.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me over the last 5 years – I love you all.