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Jackie – Things Could be worse….

My name is Jackie and I have lived with diabetes for 15 years I am now 25 years old! There was a lot that I needed to learm when I was diagnosed and am still learning and changing the way I deal with my diabetes.

I inject about 4/5 times a day but I am looky as this doesn’t bother me. This may be because I have had to do it since I can remember.

I think I have been quite lucky as my diabetes has always been well controlled without me going over the top to keep it that way. A lot of people would think that the condition would hold you back from doing a lot of things but that is not the case at all. I do all of the things my friends do and have a very normal life, so much so that nobody would ever know i was diabetic if i didn’t tell them.

The only difference is I have to keep control of my diabetes and inject when I eat which is never a problem for me as I have never really been shy about injecting or talking to people about it. I like to do a lot of active things like cycling and playing netball. However I do always make sure I have my hypo stoppers with me!

I not it can be very confusing at first but try not to be too afraid. If you are able to keep good control (which I know not everyone can) you can live a very normal life.