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Sarah's Story

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My 7 Year Old Baby Boy

My son Sam was diagnosed with diabetes on 16 December 2004. I was pregnant with his brother Jack and felt very sick myself. Sam was not his usual self and had began wetting the bed but I thought he was worried about me or apprehensive about a new sibling. As a precausion I took a urine sample to the doctor but that came back clear!! I few weeks passed with more bed wetting and drinking lots of water and eventually my mum said he looked really poorly and I should get him to the doctor. Within 30 minutes of our appointment we were in hospital and he had a drip in both arms. Apart from the huge shock of him having diabetes and a blood sugar off the scale all I felt was the terrible guilt that I had not done anything sooner. When I looked at my 7 year old baby in that bed he looked terrible, had lost weight, had sunken eyes and was a shadow his usual self. How could have not have noticed? I did not cry or get angry (like the rest of the family). I decided that we could cope with this, he did not have cancer, he had not lost a leg or his sight and we COULD cope.  I tell myself this very often, especially when it is very hard for us all. The Diabetes Team in Gateahead are fantastic, especialy our nurse Janet who is now more like a family friend. I could not have coped without her. My mum was sure we could find a cure but I had to concentrate on living with it now and making sure Sam had all the advantages of any other boy his age. We try so hard to ensure his is not different and he hates to stand out. I can’t say it has not been really hard sometimes but he is a normal happy and somtimes difficult 13 year old. Good things have come from it, he has been on Diabetes Uk kids holidays and that has given him great confidence and he is very independent. I would love a magic wand to take it away and I’m sure everyone out there feels the same but just keep thinking “It could be much worse”.

If any parent would like to chat or have newly diagnosed children, I would be happy to talk to them.

From Angela Crossley – Gateshead