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Sarah's Story

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My Granddaughter

My granddaughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a one year old, until then I basically thought if a person was diabetic it meant they couldn’t have sugar. I quickly learnt that there was a bit more to it than that!

Being diagnosed with diabetes is daunting for anyone but caring for a baby that can’t tell you how they feel, makes you slightly obsessive. Like the time we went out shopping, she fell asleep, which seemed pretty sudden, immediately I rushed to test her only to discover that she was fine apart from being disgruntled at being rudely woken.

Now at school there are other problems to overcome, although she does her own tests she has to have someone to gauge them for her as she doesn’t yet understand what the numbers mean. If she is low the teachers have been informed what to give her to prevent a hypo, but if she is high, they are not allowed to administer insulin. Therefore someone has to go to the school at lunchtime to give her injections.

Although she does everything any other five year old can, there are times when extra care has to be taken, for example out of school activities with people who are not educated regarding diabetes, again someone has to be available to check on her at regular intervals, especially when there is quite a lot of activity.

Eventually she will be able to judge for herself, but for the meantime she has to put her trust in us, and hopefully we can judge correctly.

Christine – Blackburn