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Sarah's Story

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My Wedding Day

Everything had been planned and organised I had nothing to do on the day except get ready and get there! The only worry in the back of my head was how I was going to cope with my glucose levels. I normally manage them very well but I knew today would test my control.

I woke in the morning with all my friends around me and ate a hearty breakfast before we went to the hairdressers. I wasn’t stressed I just knew this was a day I wanted to remember. When we got back to my place to get ready the girls pulled out the champagne, at first I thought better not have anything now I wouldn’t be sure if it would affect me. However with this in mind I had a bucks fizz and started to get ready. I tested my glucose levels making sure they were in a good range, just before leaving I did a final test and gave my insulin and testing kit to a bridesmaid I knew I didn’t want to carry anything so she kept it with her.

Once I arrived at the venue it all went very quickly I was worried about drinking too much but it turned out I was chatting so much to the guests I didn’t get time to over do it! I already knew what time we were planning to eat and told the venue and the photographer that this time was important, they listened and kept to the time I asked. This made everything easier as I was able to plan the day.

I did give myself slightly less insulin with dinner which was the right thing to do as you are walking around so much you are doing more exercise than you would normally without realising. Due to the reduced insulin I gave myself I was able to check myself a couple of times during the day and made sure everything was okay.

Coping with diabetes on my wedding day didn’t change my enjoyment or other peoples. The difference between when I got married and my friend getting married was planning the meal times carefully before hand and ensuring your insulin and testing kit is near by.

Don’t worry about your wedding day, relax and enjoy! It really is the best day of your life, until you have children apparently …

Sarah – Altrincham