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Sarah's Story

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No Not my Little Girl Too…

I had lived with diabetes for 15 years but when my 5 year old daughter was diagnosed I blamed myself. This I thought was the worse thing that could have happened.

I new how to recognize when I was high or low but how was I meant to know this about someone else. It turned out this part was relatively easy, when she was low she was very quiet and reserved and when she was high she was quite and reserved…… well that was ok because I was able to test to see if she was high or low. The doctors told me that over the first few years it’s not necessary to keep as controlled as I do, I always try to keep between 5 & 8 however she was 6 to 10. So a much bigger window, this did help.

I had to relearn everything that I had known and think about her life. I must say she took the injections really well and in fact kept on saying “now I’m like Mummy” – this did make me cry everytime she said it!

She is now 10 and we carb count together and give each other moral support, it’s actually really nice to have some one to talk. Even at 10 her approach to Diabetes is great. Not sure now how I would cope if she didn’t have it…..

Love her so much x