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Sarah's Story

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Hi, i was very intersted in the pre-diabetes article ( and the article fromĀ as i was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic a couple of years ago by my GP, with an Impaired Fasting Glucose reading of 6.6 my last one was 6.4, better but not great.

All this came about 5 years ago when i suddenly started putting on weight, after an operation on my neck (a lump from a streptococcyl virus) i put it down to turning 40 and not working as physically hard as i used to, with employees on board. After a check-up at the docs i was found to have an under-active thyroid, shortly after that i had the glucose check which was abnormally high.

I have now changed my nutrition, and exercise regularly in the hope of staving off Type 2, fingers crossed. x