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Sarah's Story

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Stuart’s Lucky Night

My nephew Stuart used to visit us at least twice a year, although we were aware he had diabetes, as we had watched him taking his medication (via injections) many times, we didn’t really know much about the illness and what it involved.

During one visit we had been out for a meal and had a great time, then we came home, had a few drinks and retired to bed. During the night we were woken by a banging noise. My partner Andy went to see if Stuart was ok, he shouted for me to phone for an ambulance, as Stuart looked really ill and his eyes were rolling. Whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive we started looking for what we called his pen (needle). We couldn’t find it anywhere and were starting to panic, it wasn’t in his jacket, case or trousers.

When eventually the ambulance arrived we were asked to get him a sweet drink or some chocolate, when we told the paramedics about the pen they were shocked. We were told that if we had injected Stuart with the needle, we could have killed him! He had been in a diabetic coma.

The outcome was good as Stuart recovered and enjoyed the rest of his stay without alcohol! The lesson learnt was in future to make people aware of his condition and what to do in a bad situation.

This message goes to all people who suffer from diabetes:
Please make your friends and family aware and ensure they are fully aware of how to deal with situations like Stuart’s story.

Geraldine – Liverpool