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Sarah's Story

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Travel Insurance

I became a diabetic type 2 in 2000 before then I had been fine. It was Summer when I found out and remember that my mouth felt like talc so I needed a drink then another, and another… I knew straight away what was wrong as my Dad had been type 2 for a number of years.

Since finding out I have also been told my cholesterol has risen and I have slight high blood pressure. All this together causes trouble getting Travel Insurance.

Even though I feel fine I find some of the bigger companies will not take me on. If they do it’s 5 or even 6 times the normal price. The first year I started shopping around via the internet, but this still seemed a worthless task. It got to a point where I felt I wasn’t going to be able to holiday abroad due to the excessive cost or even the chance of being declined.

Then after a couple of years I found an annual policy from which was very reasonable, this has made planning for my holiday much easier.

I do feel let down by insurance companies and wish it was easier to find a decent policy. My advice would be to shop around as you do not need to pay extortionate premiums.

Howard – Bolton