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Sarah's Story

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Type 2 and not overweight anymore!

Diagnosed: May 2009 with diabetes type2
Weight when diagnosed: 18stone
Weight now: 12 stone
Controlled by: Metformin tablets twice a day
Other conditions: High cholestoral

It has been nearly 2 years since I was diagnosed and what a difference. I am only in my 40s and managed to get to a whopping 18 stone, I just didn’t know when to stop eating. Even when I was diagnosed i didn’t take it too seriously the GP said I needed to take these tablets and eat healthily. I took the tablets but didn’t really know how to eat properly so I carried on the way i was. My levels were still very high and it was only when I was talking to colleagues who said if I wasn’t able to get my levels stable I may need to start injecting insulin.

This I could never do as I have a phobia of needles this meant I had to change. But where to start, after eating badly for over 40 years what do I do? I go see a dietician. They were great, I went on seminars about food and it really changed my perspective of food. I started to eat at regular times and didn’t need to snack anymore. With this and a new swimming & walking regime I managed to lose 6 stone within 16 months. I could still do with losing another 2 stone but hopefully that will come.

It worries me so much when i see children getting over weight as I know how they feel but we really need to be teaching children how to eat properly from day one as changing those bad habits is really hard.