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Abstracts from the DRWF Spring Conference

The DRWF spring conference saw a lot of speakers but there was also some abstracts at the back of the guide that I read and they were very interesting. So I thought I would share:

Please click here to view the abstracts DRWF

You may not find all of them useful but they were on:
Diabetes in The Middles East: Perspectives and the role of the IDF in diabetes prevention and education
Potential replacement of Metformin with Berberine in the treatment of type 2 diabetes
Cultural Perspectives in Diabetes Education and Patient Empowerment for self-management
Hyperglycaemia in Acute Coronary Syndromes
Impact of the use of a diabetes eduction toolkit (DPET) on the control of glycaemia in Qatari type 2 diabetes patients
The role of community pharmacists in the management of diabetes and other Non-communicable Diseases