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All inclusive hotel & diabetes don’t mix!!!

I was on holiday with my husband and some friends last week. We went to Morocco for 5 days in an all inclusive resort. I tried to test regularly and carb count, but I found it really hard to decide what carbs were in things. Even regular foods seem to be different I think Moroccan food has more sugar in. It certainly felt that way, nearly everytime I tested I was in double figures so I ended up injecting about 8 times a day!

This doesn’t do well for my stats:
Weight gained (not lost!) 5lb
No hypos 0
No. of Hypers ?????

So over the space of 5 days I have managed to undo all the good work I did in December and January. This means I need to be good for the rest of February.

I found that this holiday was the worse to keep my levels under control not sure if that’s to do with the all inclusive thing! I also didn’t do much exercise which always has a negative impact on my levels.

Anyway here’s to a single figure week……

Until next time x