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Borderline diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

I was talking with a friend the other day who had just been told by someone at work that they had borderline diabetes and wanted to reduce their working hours because of this. They asked me if this was true – all I could really answer was yes Doctors are diagnosing people with borderline diabetes, but surely you are diabetic or not!

I read this article and thought it had some good points ( -

“There is no such thing as borderline diabetes! The method used to diagnose diabetes is absolute, with well-defined criteria on blood testing. By definition, an individual either has diabetes or does not. Most people who have been told they have “borderline” diabetes actually have diabetes. Their doctor may have wanted to avoid scaring or worrying them by actually coming out and saying that diabetes was present. This is not in the best interest of the individual, as it underplays the importance of diabetes, and gives a false sense of security. You could then miss out on important education to improve your health early in the course of the disease.”

Pre Diabetes

It also seems being diagnosed with pre diabetes is also becoming more popular this may be because the number of type 2′s are increasing. Pre diabetes becoming an increasing problem and is closely tied to obesity.

Pre-diabetes is almost always a precursor to the development of type 2 diabetes. It is characterised by the presence of higher than normal blood glucose levels that are yet to reach diabetic levels.

The scale of pre-diabetes is huge and we need to educate people to understand the implications of an unhealthy diet. The US has over 40 million people diagnosed with pre diabetes and 7 million in the UK – and this number is growing.

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