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Changes to HbA1c

My last HbA1c reading was in December so I am not due another one until June. This is the same month as the changes in HbA1c reading. I was talking to a friend who had received her updated results and she was given her readings as normal at 7.2 and also the new way at 55. The new readings were meant to be a slow change over two years, the new format should therefore have been available before the deadline of June 2011. I know I have not been given my readings in any other format than my usual one – however I also have not asked for the new format. May be some NHS trusts are quicker than others at taking this on board.

It doesn’t worry me that I have not had any readings in the new format as you can still easily see if you have had any major changes by using the following conversion table:
% (old format) mmol/mol (new format)
6.0 42
6.5 48
7.0 53
7.5 59
8.0 64
9.0 75
With the old target being 6.5 to 7.5 the new target will be 48 to 59.

I know it seems a lot of messing but hopefully it will be quite simple, it looks like the main reasons for the change is for global comparisons. The UK is one of the few places where HbA1c is measured as a percentage. The change should help countries share information about Diabetes and hopefully help with the Global control of Diabetes.

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