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Christmas Celebrations

I know I am a little late with the weekly blog but hopefully you all can forgive me it being my first Christmas with the baby!! Also apologies for no weekly recipe, but hopefully you have enjoyed some of the Christmas ones.

I have had a great time with family, we had Christmas dinner at home with Baby Steel, my Mother and the in laws. This meant I was able to try and control my sugars and look after the baby in my own home. It is hard looking after the baby and looking after your sugars, especially at Christmas when there is all that nice food. I think my highest levels were on Christmas day when I had a reading of 18, however after the Christmas cake and chocolate I know why this happened. At least it is a one off. I have had a few lows though especially at night, I think this is due to not having supper and trying to look after the baby. I need to make sure I am eating properly with the baby, I think I will find this harder when my husband goes back to work in January.

Hope you all have a great New Year.

Until next week x