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Forgetting Insulin

I find it hard to control my diabetes when I do something out of the ordinary. I was unfortunately at a funeral last week and was at the wake for about 4 o’clock where we had a great buffet and gave myself insulin accordingly. However we were still there at 10 o’clock and I soon realised I had no dinner and had a few drinks! My sugars did start to drop, luckily i had some lucozade sweets with me. We were in a restaurant so I should have thought at about 8 o’clock to have something proper to eat. I always say i will learn – maybe next time i will think the day through better.

I was packing to go to the funeral and we were staying for about five days so I made sure I packed enough needles and went downstairs to pack an extra insulin pen. However I got distracted with making sure the baby had enough bottles! Saturday I was running low on insulin and realised I had forgotten my spare pen. I rang the pharmacy who said I needed a prescription and should get one from the drop in centre. I asked if I could buy a pen as we were travelling to relatives, he explained that insulin is a prescription only drug. I therefore rang the drop in centre as this was on the way to where we was going, they said they could not issue a prescription as they are nurse led and a doctor needs to sign the prescription. The only way to get the prescription was to phone the emergency doctor!

I wasn’t able to do this as we were visiting various relatives, so I worked out how much insulin I had and divided this with the number of meals I was going to have. I then planned every meal around the insulin – instead of the other way round! Obviously if I wasn’t able to do this I would have stayed at one of the relatives longer and phoned the on call doctor.

Just try and remember a spare pen if travelling for a few days !!