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How I am coping being a new Mum

The baby is now 9 weeks old and I still have really bad days both with settling the baby and with high sugars!

I was told once the baby was born my insulin requirements would go back to normal, I thought they had but I keep waking up with high levels (about 10) which never used to happen, I am also getting more high readings in the day. I think I will try and increase my nighttime insulin. Some of this might be my fault as I am not testing as much as I would normally do as I am always busy doing things for the baby. I need to try and get some me time…

You may think I am strange but I was feeding the baby and started to notice my sugars were getting the low the baby looked at me with a very weird expression that I had never seen before – I could have swore he new I was having a hypo!!!! Well you can get hypo alert dogs!

This week after talking to a friend I have changed the bottles my baby feeds from and now he is managing to settle at 7pm for a sleep until his next feed at 10pm so I am now getting some evening back, this makes sure I am getting a decent meal – so this is a start. The next thing is to try and get him to nap in the day – I will let you know how that goes.

I did manage to go out for a family Sunday lunch at the weekend, this was great except I asked for a diet coke but got a full fat! They then look at you as if to say “you don’t need to lose weight” before they begrudgingly change it – I normally try and get a bottle rather than from the soda stream for this reason but they didn’t have any! It’s a real pet hate of mine – if I ask for a diet drink that’s what I want!!