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I went to the INPUT roadshow at the weekend in Chester.

INPUT promote insulin pump therapy and CGM. The roadshow was attended by the major insulin pump providers:
Ypsomed (Omnipod)

It was really interesting to see the different pumps and was impressed by Cellnovo but this is a new pump that is still under development but looks amazing.

If you want to know more about a pump and how to get a pump got to the next roadshow event in Nottingham on 14th July. Visit the INPUT site for more information.

There were some amazing people there one of which was a young girl of 3 who had a pump last year, it completley changed her life and has made her into a lovely toddler who can do everything her big brother does.

Its amazing, again that this is a post code lottery, I can not beleive NHS trusts can not see the long term benefit. The savings over the years will outway the initial cost of the pump.