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Lots of news about hypo alert dogs last week

There has been lots of news about hypo alert dogs recently. I have been touched by 2 – one good one bad story.
The first is about a young girl who was diagnosed with type one when she was 4, however she finds it very difficult to know when her sugars are low, the dog stays with her all the time even at school and lets the little girl know she is going low by licking her hand. It’s great to hear that the school is forward thinking enough to allow the dog in school, I can’t imagine all schools being that good – but hopefully as more hypo alert dogs become available then schools and other people will understand about them. The full story can be found on the Northampton News Page.

From an understanding school in Northampton to a less than understanding Sheffield Council. The bad story about a hypo alert dog is a lady from Sheffield needing to take her local council to court to stop them taking her dog from her. She owns a flat in Sheffield and because she brought a pet into the flats is now in breach of her agreement, she new this when she got the Dog but obviously thought about her health and got the dog anyway. There are other dogs in the building of flats and they have not taken into account the medical reason for this dog. I always thought there was clauses about guide dogs and a no pet policy – may be the council need to look at their policy with this in mind. Nicola has set up a petition to help her win her case against the Council, this petition can be found at My Dog Saved My Life, help me save him Petition. There is also more background to Nicolas situation, please if you agree with Nicola Sign her Petition.

Hypo Alert Dogs are very good for people who have lost their ability to sense a hypo, more information can be found at