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New Year, New Job, New Me?

It certainly has been a very hectic couple of weeks. I have been concentrating on the site and some consulting as well as looking after my gorgeous baby boy for the past 6 months, but after the New Year we decided that I must get a full time job!

It’s been a lot harder than normal to find a role, I have registered with lots of accountancy agencies whereas normally I just have to pick up the phone to one – it certainly is a hard job market out there. I have now found a temping job not far from where I live, so a t least I can now keep the wolves from the door. I only started last week but I have been eating much better. I have found since I got back from holiday I have eaten more and had more than the “odd” treat! I have decided being based at home is making me fat!!!

I feel very envigurated and seem very happy with being back at work, I do miss the little one but I will have to make the most out of the weekends. I will endeavour to keep up my good work routine of not snacking and eating a good lunch. Keep your fingers crossed for me – I will lose that baby weight I promised to lose last year.

Apart from looking for work I think that’s all I have been doing. I have been looking at getting some Diabetic Friend Pens to go to the DRWF stand in Grennwich in April – I will let you know when they come.

Until next time – and you never know I may have a permanent role!