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News Roundup 11/3/11

I was always told to wash my hands before I tested my sugar levels, as this would give me a more accurate reading. Especially if I had been handling something sugary. I am therefore unsure why we or companies are spending money on researching this. Surely this research money could have been spend elsewhere – of course I may have missed something and it may be part of something a bit bigger! But the study showed that washing and drying hands and using the first drop of blood is preferable for self-monitoring of blood glucose. However, if washing hands is not possible, then using the second drop of blood after wiping away the first drop, is acceptable.

There is hopefully some good news for those people with type 2 who use insulin, trials have been carried out on new insulin that would mean fewer injections for those with type 2. Trials of the insulin, degludec, were carried out over 16 weeks in participants with Type 2 diabetes from the USA, Canada, India and South Africa. The participants were divided into three groups, one treated with insulin glargine (an insulin already on the market and used by people with Type 2 diabetes), a second treated with degludec once a day, with a third group treated with degludec three times a week. Results showed blood glucose levels were much the same across the three groups.

We are always hearing something about stem cell research and how it will help people with type 1 diabetes. This week isn’t any different this time this it is stem cells from teeth! A new study has found that dental stem cells could offer a possible treatment for type 1 diabetes, it has emerged. It is hoped that the research, which revealed that transforming stem cells from teeth into cells that produce insulin, could provide a potential cure for the disease. The scientists, whose work was published in the Journal of Dental Research, showed that dental stem cells could be used to generate cells that produce insulin when are exposed to more glucose. One day we will see the benefits of stem cell research – I am sure it is just a matter of time.

This week aslo seen some good news for the South Asian Community in the UK. Diabetes UK have launched a new free interactive CD that offers information and guidance on managing type 2 diabetes and which is specifically tailored for the South Asian community in the UK. Jenne Dixit, equality and diversity manager at Diabetes UK, commented “South Asians in the UK are up to six times more likely to have diabetes than White people, and they are at higher risk from the age of 25 rather than over 40, which is the case in the White population. This free CD-ROM shows viewers what diabetes is, and how to manage it effectively, in an interactive way.”

So a little bit of good news all round this week. Keep it coming…