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News Roundup W/E 6th March 2011

Good news for people with diabetes living in Scotland, from next month they will no longer need to pay £3 per item on their prescription. This should help people manage their diabetes and not be scared of using too much medicine or using needles too many times! My only problem with this is it doesn’t bring Scotland in line with England, I agree that people with long term illnesses/conditions should receive free prescriptions however from next month prescriptions will be free for ALL in Scotland unlike England. This may be a step too far and in this time of uncertainty may cost the Scottish government a lot of money! But you never know they may prove it can work!

There is a new petition on line regarding the post code lottery for access to the insulin pump. I have been facebooked a few times and thought its a very worthy cause. The main thing is to ensure people have access to the pump and access to the benefits so everyone can make an educated decision. Take a look at the Go Petition.

The main news article last week was about the increase chances of people with diabetes having cancer. We all know having diabetes increases the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack & strokes. The chances of these problems roughly doubles. These are all problems with the cardiovascular system. However new research published last week looked at other problems.

They have gathered research and come up with the conclusion that people with diabetes actually triple the odds of kidney disease, double their chances of serious infection and liver cancer, there is also a slight increase of other cancers (ovarian, pancreas & breast).

Nothing has changed all the research has done is highlighted these issues, you shouldn’t panic you just need to recognised the importance of your visits to your GP or DSN. There also needs to be continued work and research to try and find the link with diabetes and the increase risk of cancer.

The story that stuck out to me though was about a man in American who had diabetes for years, he had his toes eaten by his dog after falling a sleep on his couch. The vet Alan Ross said “the dog may have been trying to rid his owner of dead tissue & may have been attracted to the foot if it were infected or gangrenous”. Just reminds me how important it is to look after my feet!

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