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No Exercise this weekend but I am poorly….

I know I promised I would carry on the good work of last weekend and do more exercise this week, I do have two excusses:
1. Job Interviews – Seem to be taking up so much time & energy
2. Since Thursday I have had ear ache and felt run down

Are these good enough excusses? I know the answer is a “No” as if I ould have been exercising I probably wouldn’t have felt so rundown. I have managed to eat as normal, matbe a little less but I have managed to correct my insulin to the lesser carbs.

On the up side I have had no hypos this week and have ate very well, I even turned down more cakes in the office.

I have a few tipes for if you are feeling unwell:
1. Test blood glucose levels more often – at least four times and if needed at night time too.
2. With Type 1 diabetes, if blood glucose levels are over 15mmol/l or more, test blood or urine for ketones.
3. Continue to take insulin or diabetes medication and adjust the dose in response to test results.
4. Drink plenty of sugar free drinks. Water is the best.
5. If being sick, take carbohydrate containing drinks such as milk and other milky drinks, fruit juice or sugary drinks such as Lucozade, ordinary cola or lemonade.
6. If able to eat but have no appetite, eat little and often, taking carbohydrate containing drinks, as above, and snacks such as toast, biscuits and cereal.
7. Do Contact your doctor if your blood glucose levels are continuously high, ketones in blood or urine, vomiting, diarrhoea or if you are unsure what to do.

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