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Preparing for Baby Steel

Welcome to all the new followers on twitter and fans on facebook – you have joined me in a very interesting part of my life, as I am having my first baby tomorrow. Due to the size the baby will be delivered by c-section.

I was wondering what I was going to do with myself this as the c-section approaches and I feel more tired, turns out I ended up spending most of my time at the hospital. I had my usual monitoring of the baby’s heartbeat Monday but there was a bit of a dip so I had to go onto the ward where they did some more monitoring, good news was everything was great on the baby front. However because we ended up there all day I had to have lunch and dinner in the hospital and due to the type of foods I was eating I had given myself slightly too much insulin, so at 4pm I tested I was at 3.4 – not a problem I treated in the same way I would at home. However the doctors then got worried and asked for all my readings I had taken that day, they ranged from 11 to the 3.4. So they thought this was erratic they didn’t bother to ask or understand enough to ask what the 11 reading was all about – I had just eaten some toast!

They kept me in for hours and finally at 11pm said they wanted to keep me in to see what my sugars were in the morning. I asked the reasoning behind this but they couldn’t really tell me, I said (very politely) that I can take my sugar readings myself at home and I understand why I have had erratic readings today – if you think there is a problem with the placenta then I understand staying in. They finally agreed that there was no problem and I could go home.

They still wanted me to go back everyday to monitor the baby’s heart rate – this I was more than happy to do. The following morning consultants were much better at understanding my sugar levels and new there was no problem – so all ended well with no night in hospital needed.

I am all prepared for the tomorrow and have gone through the procedure with the hospital along with my insulin requirements. I have also wrapped all my Christmas presents and put up the tree so when I bring baby steel home it will feel very much like Christmas.

I have also prepared the site for Christmas with a Christmas home page and some Christmas recipes – hope you enjoy.

Until next week x