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The Arrival of Baby Steel

The morning finally arrived and we went to the hospital but we were waiting for ages even though there were no emergencies, however they were short staffed. They could not get the sliding scale insulin/saline drip into my hand before we went into theatre. My sugars were 6.4 so the anaesthetist discussed not putting the sliding scale in as the operation should only last an hour and after that I should be able to manage my sugars. I felt very comfortable with this, as I have been worried that the hospital would try and take over and I would not be in control of my own levels.

Once in the ward I tested my levels and they were 11 so I gave myself some Novorapid. Due to the operation I was not able to eat until teatime and even then they only gave me tea and toast, so there was no need for much insulin. The diabetic nurse came to see me who said I should be aiming for levels of between 6 & 7 rather than my usual 5 & 6. During the night I did have a little hypo due to giving myself a little too much for the toast.

It is very hard trying to control your sugars and look after the new born baby, that you are having to either look after or you just can’t stop looking at! I was finding it very difficult to manage everything and Baby Steel hadn’t eaten for 24 hours so I decided to go to bottle feed instead of breastfeed, the baby took to this really well and I was able to have a little more time to concentrate on my sugar levels. I was then able to keep to the 7 mark.

Since being back at home my sugars have been more stable than in hospital as I am in more of a routine, it is hard in hospital when you are eating food you wouldn’t normally eat and at different times.

Baby Steel has been great and he weighed in at 8lb 14, so a little lighter than expected! The consultant was happy that we did the c-section as his shoulders were big and this would have caused complications.

I am really looking forward to Motherhood – I will let you know how it is going!!

Until next week x