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Week 22 – Flu Jab!

I went for the swine flu jab this week, I wasn’t going to bother but after definitely having a c-section I thought I would be quite vulnerable to infection. However I still had to ring the doctor for an appointment even though I was diabetic and pregnant they hadn’t wrote to me. When I rang they said they weren’t sending letter just waiting for people to ring, however the day before my flu jab I did get a reminder so they must have changed their minds. IF you want the flu jab even if your doctors haven’t wrote to you ring them and make an appointment.

I have had no side affects a bit of a sore arm, slightly more tender than the normal flu jab but nothing to worry about. For me I am glad I went. I was speaking to the midwife about it and some of her colleagues came out with quite a big lump so couldn’t lie on that side for a while!

While I was at the doctors I also tried to give them the sharps bin I was telling you about a couple of weeks ago, they new exactly what to do with it. So it looks like my trust know what to do but it’s still a shame I had to ask for a sharps bin rather than the doctors asking what I did with my needles.

All is well on the baby front, I have been for a few monitoring sessions this week and we are all set for next Friday. Even though I have finished work I have been active in a different way so I have been doing more walking, I have therefore reduced my night-time insulin from 24 to 22, as I was having a few early morning hypos.