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Weekly News Round Up 18/2/11

The main headline this week seems to have been about the Government plans to reform the NHS, the Health and Social Care Bill was published this week and Diabetes UK have called for changes to this Bill. This is due to the Bill encouraging competition within the NHS, under the new proposal the different aspects of peoples diabetic care could be given differently or be given by different hospitals. This therefore causes problems of continuity of care for diabetic patients, it is this that DUK are worried about.

Rightly so as I remember when I was pregnant the GP sent me to the main hospital for my maternity care. This meant I was under two hospitals, one for my diabetes and one for the pregnancy. This made no sense to me or to my diabetic team who suggested I could change my care for my pregnancy to the same hospital as my diabetic care. This gave me better control of my diabetes while I was pregnant. I certainly wouldn’t want to have different care under different consultants and would like to know I would receive the same care as I do now if I moved house!

1 in 4 children with type 1 diabetes are only being diagnosed when they have an attack of diabetic ketoacidosis, this is a serious short term complication. I was in my 20′s when I was diagnosed so new I didn’t feel well, but wasn’t aware I could have diabetes. We therefore need to increase the awareness of the symptoms and signs of diabetes. Both JDRF and Diabetes UK are getting together to try and do this – we all need to help them achieve their goals. 1 in 450 children have type 1 diabetes, Sarah Johnson Director of Policy and Communication at JDRF points out “type 1 diabetes is 5 times more common than meningitis and therefore professionals and parents need to be aware of the symptoms to prevent children being rushed to hospitals once the condition has become critical.